Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Regina, Canada. A small town in Saskatchewan. Blogger Wade accompanies me on the streets of this pretty town. In the center is the Central Park Wascana. By the way, this park is the fourth largest in North America. Photos from the Park Wascana:

Central Park Wascana

Evening in the park lit gas lamps. During a walk in the park creates a feeling as if you're in dreamland. Photo alleys of the park:

Evening in Wascana

And in Regina very much graffiti. Wherever you go, wherever found graffiti. Here are some pictures of houses decorated with graffiti:

Building with graffiti



The author compares the art of graffiti in the city with a picture hanging in the house:


And here the photographer captures the artist at work:

Graffiti artist

Thanks to Wade for a walk around the city of Regina and interesting pictures. Still a lot of different photo of the author can be seen in his blog Measure Once, Cut Twice.

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